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5 reasons I won C+D’s Independent Pharmacy of the Year Award

Published on: 31 May 2017

A pharmacy company with seven branches won C+D’s Independent Pharmacy of the Year award in 2016 by embracing a patient-first, technology-focused approach.

Managing director of the Mayberry Pharmacy Group in South Wales, Paul Mayberry, told C+D that bagging the night’s “top award” was a triumph. He gave C+D his insights into how his teams achieve excellence every day.

Embrace new ways of working

The Mayberry Pharmacy Group was an early adopter of the hub-and-spoke model, and has used it for five years to great success. The company estimates it dispensed up to 70% of its prescriptions in this way in 2016, leaving its pharmacists with more time to spend with patients “where they can make a positive difference”, says Mr Mayberry.

Focus on services

Every Mayberry branch managed to complete 400 medicines use reviews (MURs) in 2014-15, while some managed up to 100 discharge medicines reviews and signed up patients to their repeat prescription service at a rate of 300 a month.

Pharmacists now have the time to talk to every patient about whether they understand their condition and how to take their medication, Mr Mayberry says.

Be prudent about managing teams

Every member of the pharmacy team is motivated to make the most of their clinical ability. Accuracy-checking technicians take control of running the dispensaries, and “mundane” tasks such as day-to-day dispensing are passed on to the automated system.

Career progression

All staff are motivated to “take on as many courses as they wish”, Mr Mayberry says. For example, medicines counter assistants are encouraged to “move up through the ranks” and train to become registered technicians.

Always put patients first

The seven branches encourage patients on regular medication to move to their repeat dispensing scheme. The Mayberry Group also collaborates with local GP surgeries to deliver vaccinations to under-65s in at-risk groups.