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Have you considered a career in pharmacy aesthetics?

Written by: C+D
Published on: 4 May 2017

Clinical editor Kristoffer Stewart sat down with Amar Suchde, the founder of PharmAesthetics UK – a company that trains pharmacists to become effective aesthetic practitioners – and locum pharmacist Vishul Shah, who is currently undergoing the PharmAesthetics UK course.

Listen to the podcast below to hear Mr Suchde (pictured, right) and Mr Shah (left) discuss:

Amar and Vishul podcast

  • What pharmacy aesthetics is and how Mr Suchde helps pharmacists learn these skills
  • The type of procedures pharmacists can undertake while completing a course in aesthetics
  • Why aesthetics is a good opportunity for pharmacists in a fast-growing sector
  • Whether undertaking the course is financially viable for a pharmacy business or a locum
  • Some of the ethical questions raised by a course centred on "helping people be themselves, but better".


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