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Improving patient care through online action

Published on: 11 Dec 2017


How did Mayberry Pharmacy in Wales win the first-ever C+D Award for Online Initiative of the year?

The team at Mayberry Pharmacy in South Wales pulled out all the stops on the way to winning the first ever C+D Award for Online Initiative of the Year in June.

The group used its social media channels and produced a film to drive uptake in the services available in their seven pharmacies.

It used a three-step approach to engage patients:

  1. It gathered data from the Office for National Statistics, as well as its own surveys, to determine how connected people in the local area were online.
  2. Armed with this information, Mayberry Pharmacy decided to create a strategy, knowing that “online was where it could reach new patients”.
  3. It then turned to profiling tools to help target specific patients through social media and email who could benefit from certain services.

In its C+D Award-winning entry, Mayberry Pharmacy said its online campaign meant it was able to “expand and resonate its brand and showcase the services available through community pharmacy”. 

The pharmacies posted images on Facebook to reach local patient groups and support their efforts to stop smoking.

At the heart of its digital smoking cessation campaign was a film made by the Mayberry Pharmacy team themselves. The film was viewed almost 9,000 times.

Benefits from the campaign included:

  • Pharmacy services uptake grew by more than 30% 
  • Footfall increased by 20%, driving a 30% growth in prescriptions and a 15% boost to over-the-counter sales.
  • An online campaign to promote the chain's flu service engaged "more than 3,000" people and led to a 15% year-on-year increase in vaccinations.

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