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How pharmacists can self-promote using social media

Written by: Laura Dowling
Published on: 27 Sep 2019

Laura Dowling

Community pharmacists can promote themselves and their businesses through following some simple rules, says Laura Dowling aka the Fabulous Pharmacist

  1. Brevity

Make your posts concise, relatable and engaging, as few people enjoy reading through long posts full of clinical data.

  1. Video

In November 2018, I posted a video on my Instagram story on man flu. This was when that account really began to take off.

  1. Ethics

I am always true to my code of ethics as a pharmacist. I only give general scientific and clinically backed healthcare advice.

This is where pharmacists can differentiate themselves from other social media influencers who are quick to push out ‘fake news’ about healthcare, drugs and natural remedies.

  1. Empower patients 

Knowledge is power. If the public understand more about their medicines and health, then that can only be a good thing for them and the healthcare system.

  1. Build your profile

Social media can really help pharmacists build their profile and business in a positive way. I look forward to seeing more pharmacists carve out a little bit of social media space for themselves.

Laura Dowling is a Lloydspharmacy branch manager in Dublin

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