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Need-to-know tips for your pre-reg year

Published on: 13 Sep 2017


Seven tips from ProPharmace managing director Noma Al-Ahmad to help unlock the potential of your pre-reg year

As pre-registration pharmacists, you may be working full-time for the first time. The question is: how can you best prepare for a successful pre-reg year?

1. Know your learning outcomes

Get to grips with both the registration assessment framework and performance standards, to ensure you know what is expected from you.

2. Get organised

You should know the timeline for the coming year, and keep a record of key dates in your diary.

3. Develop good relationships

A good relationship with your tutor is crucial for a successful year ahead – after all, they will be signing off on whether you are fit to practice.

4. Learn to balance work and study

Always take your time and never rush work – rushing often leads to errors. When you are feeling under pressure, let those around you know.

5. Have a professional attitude

The key thing for pre-reg pharmacists is to have a good knowledge of your boundaries, and to know when to refer to the pharmacist.

6. When you encounter problems

If you are struggling with any aspect of this year, talk to someone. Suffering in silence is likely to make the situation worse.

Potential people to talk to include:

  • your tutor
  • a mentor
  • a member of the pharmacy team
  • charity Pharmacist Support
  • ProPharmace – who offer confidential advice and support.

7. Practice calculations

A big part of passing the registration assessment is being able to perform pharmaceutical calculations accurately.